What works for Teachers

Teachers who have been supported by the What Works and Why project through Teaching Groups and TEL Innovation Projects have shared their learnings and recommendations on TEL approaches in varied disciplines and functional areas herebriefing_guide_image

Briefing Guide to Edtech in Computing

Briefing Guide augmenting Digital Skills in the Library

Briefing Guide to Embedding Learning Aids in Student Google Profiles

Briefing Guide to Digital Storytelling for History

Briefing Guide to Universal Design for learning

Briefing Guide to using Live Polling in Business

Briefing Guide to developing Assistive Technologies Videos

Briefing Guide to using Webwork for Mathematics teaching in Engineering

Briefing Guide to developing a Peer Online Dashboard in Business

Briefing Guide to Framework for Mobile Student Services

Briefing Guide to exploring eportfolios for Education

Briefing Guide to Learning Design in MOOC’s – Teaching at Scale

Briefing Guide to exploring the use of Headcams in Chemistry

Briefing Guide to interactive audio-visual support and reinforcement for music ensemble teaching and learning

Briefing Guide to developing student confidence and competence by contextual video capture of veterinary nursing practical skills

Briefing Guide for a CoP for Science Educators

Briefing Guide for Maths and Stats Teaching Group

Briefing Guide for a consideration of the use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) methods for supporting peer mentoring/peer assisted learning


TEL_Tales is an online book produced by teachers for teachers through the What Works and Why project.